Thursday, December 17, 2009

Beyonce Hairstyles

It is hard to keep up with Beyonce�s beautiful voice and various hairstyles. Beyonce is usually a traditional girl and she likes long hair. She also loves big curls. So sometimes she wears big curls that almost make her hair look like a huge afro. This hairstyle is very dramatic and she garners all the attention no matter what she is doing. Whether it is a video shoot or the red carpet she captures attention with her head full of curls.

Probably Beyonce�s next most common due is when she wears it totally straight. Beyonce wears long tresses that are generally light brown in color. Sometimes she wears cut bangs that bring attention to her face. Other times Beyonce does not wear bangs and simply sweeps all the hair to one side to create a dramatic and sexy affect. Anyone can easily pull off this hairstyle and create a great and fresh look. She definitely likes to switch the hair up. Just because she wears it long, she makes sure that it is not boring. Beyonce keeps it interesting and fresh. Anyone who wants the straight look can simply flat iron the hair for a sleek look.

When Beyonce portrayed the legendary singer Etta James she wore it very short and very light blonde. It was uncharacteristic of her and what she generally wears but it was edgy and short hairstyles are definitely in style so it was a good look. Sometimes she also wears a shoulder length bob but in true Beyonce hairstyle she keeps it curly and fun. Big rollers or a big barrel curling iron are a great way to get curls.

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