Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Emo Hairstyles and Fashion

For many people, including Emo�s, their hairstyle is a direct indication of their fashion statement. For people who are conservative they generally have a conservative and fairly low key routine hairstyle. The word Emo started out as a form of uncharacteristic rock music but it has become so much more than just that. Emo has expanded to the fashion scene and is also evident in the hairstyles that individuals where.

Emo fashion is bold. Most people refer to it as punk rock attire and some might even consider it to be Gothic in nature though it is generally much more colorful and not focused on dark colors such as the color black. Both men and women wear black eyeliner as well as black finger nail polish. Body piercing is very popular in the Emo world and no body part is off limits. Some girls may opt for fishnet stockings with some type of unique mini skirt.

Both men and women who are into Emo fashion generally have unique hairstyles. Their hair may be several different colors. It can contain colors such as purple, yellow, red and blue. No color combination is off limits. Men and women who have what is known as Emo hairstyles generally have extremely spiky hair. The higher the spikes and the more color combinations used the more unique the person as well as the hairstyle is considered. Though there is much flexibility in the term Emo, one thing that is known is that there is definitely no one way to describe it.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Carrie Underwood Hairstyles

Carrie Underwood with Beautiful Curly Locks

Carrie Underwood with a Side Sweeping Ponytail

Ever since Carrie Underwood jumped on the scene and stole our hearts during American Idol she has been a fashion icon and everyone wants to know what hairstyle she has now. Carrie Underwood has beautiful golden locks and she can be spotted wearing her signature long waves hairstyle. She likes to experiment with her hairstyle and she is not afraid to wear it up, down or anywhere in between.

Carrie Underwood styles are simple yet elegant and they appear to be low maintenance hairstyles. Her long waves can be achieved by slightly curling the hair and just letting them fall where they may. Carrie Underwood generally wears a part down the middle of her long tresses and she looks great with this hairstyle.

She also likes to experiment with elegant pony tails and bun hairstyles. Carrie Underwood occasionally wears a side swept pony tail and she looks great with it. She weeps the hair back to one side and she pins it. It looks like a ponytail but it is so much more. This elegant hairstyle showcases her beautiful smile and captivating eyes. Carrie Underwood has been spotted wearing hairstyles similar to this at various events.

She also has worn hairstyles both straight and layered but as stated before loose curls is traditionally how she wears her hair. Her updo�s and buns are also very conservative and are great for any occasion. Her long tresses make it easy for Carrie Underwood to do buns and other styles and look great. She has not strayed from her traditional long locks. Carrie Underwood is able to pull out a number of hairstyles and she enjoys wearing her long locks most of the time.

Carrie Underwood with Straight Hair

Carrie Underwood with an Updo

Carrie Underwood with an Updo

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pony Tail Hairstyles

Paris Hilton Sassy Ponytail Hairstyle

Drew Barrymore Slick Back Ponytail Hairstyle

Ponytails have generally been thought of as the treatment for a bad hair day but they can serve a bigger and more fashionable hairstyle statement. A ponytail hairstyle can be an elegant style and a great way for a little attention.

One of the great things about ponytails is that they are quick. Ladies can wake up late and throw their hair in a ponytail and look great. Some ladies even leave the hair wet and make a great looking ponytail. Ponytails have been around for years and they will probably always be a part of the hairstyle world for men and women.

Many men especially those with longer hair also opt for a quick ponytail hairstyle so it has also crossed the gender barriers. Ladies attending a special event can part the hair down the middle and wear a ponytail hairstyle. They can wear a higher ponytail hairstyle or they can pull it towards the back. They may need to use a few styling accessories to help smooth the ponytail hairstyle and give it a neat appearance.

Ponytails with side swept bangs are not only stylish bit can be very sexy hairstyle. The little bit of hair over the eye helps to give a dramatic appearance and is a great attention getter. Most people would not think that simply adding bangs to a ponytail hairstyle makes it look totally different but individuals should try it and see the great results. The trick to a great ponytail hairstyle is to smooth the hair down with a brush and styling lotion.

Rihanna High Ponytail Hairstyle

Hayden Panettiere Sexy Ponytail Hairstyle

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rihanna�s Hairstyles

Not too many people can go from one hairstyle to the next and never miss a beat but the Barbados singing beauty Rihanna has no trouble with this feat. Since she stepped on the scene she has displayed a number of hairstyles and with each hairstyle she has obtained a dedicated list of followers. Fans love her fashion sense and her ability and willingness to take risks. She is not afraid to try new fashion trends and she looks good every time.

When Rihanna first stepped on the scene she had traditional long hair. Rihanna wore it wavy and layered and she looked great. Her hair color was a light brown and it really went well with her facial features especially her beautiful eyes. She wore this style for awhile and obtained a loyal fan base.

Then suddenly Rihanna debuted her new video and she had a whole new look. Her hair appeared to be jet black and she had a cute Bob cut. Rihanna wore it long in the front and shorter in the back. This hairstyle was an instant sensation and she had ladies everywhere trying to get the Rihanna cut. There was no denying the fact that she had started a trend. This hairstyle framed her face perfectly and she looked beautiful. Rihanna wore it straight and with wavy curls.

Next Rihanna showed up on the scene with a short haircut with longer bangs but really short and tapered on the back and sides. This is her current hairstyle and once again she has pulled it off perfectly. Ladies are still after the newest Rihanna hairstyle.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bridal Hairstyles

A bride�s wedding day is very special. Brides want everything to be perfect. Most brides are nervous throughout the day hoping that everything is going to go good. Lots of planning goes into any wedding especially those that are very elaborate. No detail is left out and everything from the wedding dress down to the color of the flowers is carefully planned.

Of course the wedding dress is important to any bride but she is also concerned about her hair. With so many different hairstyles to choose from every bride wants to make sure they choose the right one. The best types of hairstyles for any bride are those that allow the bride to showcase her best features.

Some people opt to wear their hair down and they generally wear it curly. The soft curls give�s the bride just the right look that she needs to not be overwhelming. Brides never want their hair to overshadow their beautiful dress and other accessories such as their veil.

Many brides wear updo�s because they are very elegant. These hairstyles are popular because they really allow the neck as well as the face to shine. Brides can show off their beautiful face and let everyone see how happy they are. They can add to the elegance of their hairstyle by adding a decorative headband or pins to create a stylish look.

Some brides opt for simple buns for their wedding day. This is a good hairstyle because the veil can easily fit over the bun and look beautiful. Buns are also very simple and are long lasting so they are a good option for any bride.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Long and Wavy Hairstyles

Carrie Underwood Hairstyle

Sandra Bullock Hairstyle

With all the short haircuts popping up on the scene some people may be wondering about long hair. The truth is that long hair is still very popular and many women still prefer to wear their long flawless locks. Long and wavy hair continues to be dominant in the hair world.

Some ladies prefer to wear their wavy hair all the same length. They like it long and wavy all the way around their head. Many celebrities and models opt for this style. The waves get the hair the little extra that it needs to really look great. Most ladies add a little shine to their locks to give them a little luster and they are ready for anything.

Another popular style is layers around the face. Ladies must be sure that they want to showcase their face because anytime the hair length differs around the face it bring more attention to the facial area. Some women opt for bangs which really add to the style. When ladies pair bangs with the long wavy style it creates a totally different look. The bangs can also be swept to the side for yet another distinctive look.

Each look is totally different and ladies can switch up the various looks to keep things different. Some ladies achieve the wavy style by washing their hair and letting it dry naturally. They may use moose or gel to help set the waves. Other ladies can use a curling iron to create small curls and when they fall they give the hair a soft and wavy appearance.

Hayden Panettiere Hairstyles from the TV Hit Series Hereos

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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham is probably better known for her trendy hairstyles than as a member of the pop group the Spice Girls. Victoria Beckham has come a long way since her and her group first debuted on the music scene. When she first entered the scene she had medium length hair about to her shoulders. Sometimes Victoria Beckham wore it longer but for the most part she wore it about the same. Sometimes she had blunt cur bangs and other times she wore a part down the middle and her hair was straight. After marrying her husband and the group disbanded Victoria Beckham really began to try new things, especially with her hairstyles.

In previous years Victoria Beckham�s hair was dark brown and maybe light brown occasionally. Well she chopped her hair into a stylish Bob cut and colored it blonde. The fashion world loved it. After she moved to America, residents became obsessed with her fashion trends. Her Bob cut was long in the fronts and short in the back. Sometimes she would wear one side behind her ear and she always kept people guessing about her hairstyle.

Next Victoria Beckham�s hairstyle went back to a dark brown color and her Bob cut was a little shorter. She once again started a new trend and celebrities as well as ladies everywhere were scrambling to get her look. Victoria lately has been sporting a pixie cut hairstyle. It is very short and sometimes she wears it spiked on the top. She looks amazing and her fashion style continues to grow. Victoria Beckham can wear her hairstyle with a bang or without and sometimes she wears it swept to one side to create a totally different look for her hair.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hair Extensions: Add Color! Add Volume! Add Length!

These celebs love hair extentions!

Jessica Simpson uses hair extensions to change her look often!

It is possible for anyone to get the type of hairstyle they desire. Hair care has gained so much momentum that whether a person desires short or long hair it is possible to service the customer. Long hair has always been popular. People love wearing their hair in long layers and having flowing locks.

For people who may not have as much hair as they want they can add hair extensions to add to the length of their hair. This is a great concept because people can have long hair one day and go back to their regular hair the next. The hair can be glued in, sewed in or bonded in depending on what the client wants and how much money they want to spend. Those ladies that want to wear their hair for longer periods of time should get the extensions sewed or bonded in. These two methods are more expensive but they last much longer.

Hair extensions can also be used to make certain styles fuller. For example Bob haircuts are very popular and many people like their Bob to be full and healthy looking. They can add a few hair extensions in to add thickness and volume to their hair. Many times people cannot tell the hair is not natural because it blends in with the hair.

Some people give different colored extensions so that they can add highlights to their hair without coloring their actual hair. Extensions are a great way for people to try and different looks or hair colors without doing any drastic to their own hair.

Colorful hair extensions are hot!

Even Paris Hilton has hair extensions!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Jessica Simpson Hairstyles

Jessica Simpson has become almost as well known for her great fashion sense as her singing and acting. Her hairstyles often change daily with her outfits. She generally wears her hair long and wavy. This is a good style for her because this subtle hairstyle looks really good on her. Sometimes it looks like Jessica Simpson just stepped out of bed but the bed head look works for her. The great thing about wavy hair is that sometimes it does not take much to pull off the look. A few loose curls can go a long way.

Jessica Simpson is also a big fan of ponytails and she pulls them off flawlessly. Sometimes she has loose messy ponytails and leaves a little hair out. Though this looks sounds simple, depending on her outfit it can give her a totally different look. Jessica Simpson believes in using hair extensions and she sometimes adds hair to her long flowing waves and even her ponytails to give it a full look. The great thing about Jessica Simpson is no matter how she decides to wear her hair she can look good with a number of styles. Her fashion style is also versatile so she has a hairstyle for every occasion.

Jessica Simpson is also a fan of updo�s and buns. She has been photographed with both hairstyles. Whether it is a red carpet event or a casual trip to the movies it is impossible to determine exactly what type of hairstyle she will have. Jessica Simpson�s extensions allow her to go from short to long hair in a snap.


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