Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Pixie Cut Hairstyles: Short and Sassy

As the weather gets hot, short hairstyles have become increasingly popular. For those who dare to live a little and cut their hair off, short haircuts are low maintenance, fun and most importantly stylish. Those who need a little motivation can look all around them as well as at the celebrity world to see people who are rocking short dos.

The short pixie cut is one of the most popular short hairstyles. Ladies like the ease of styling as well as the great and mature look that it portrays. For a short pixie cut, the longest hair is generally on the top. Some ladies like to showcase a lot of volume on top and the hair may be spiked up to garner attention. The sides of the hair are generally tapered closely to the face which definitely frames the face.

This is a great cut for anyone who wants to showcase their best facial features. Pixie cuts generally have very short and often layered sides so there is no hair hanging down on the neck. There are no extra distractions. The longest hair which is up top may be curled or stacked on the head to create a different look but the face remains the important feature.

Many celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Alyssa Milano, Rihanna, Winona Ryder and others like pixie cuts because they want to showcase their beautiful faces and appeal to their audience. The great thing about pixie cuts is that this style is more than just cutting the hair really short. Ladies can experiment with different lengths on top as well as the layers on the side.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Scene Hairstyles and Fashion

One of the great things about fashion is that people can use it to make a statement. Fashion is such a big word that there is no specific way to describe a person�s fashion or style. Hairstyles have emerged and grown right alongside the fashion world. Many hairstyles have been born as a response to a new form of fashion.

Scene hairstyles have jumped on the scene and have become a favorite of many young people. Scene hairstyles are very expressive. They are usually characterized by the colors that are used. Most people, men and women, opt for bold highlights throughout their hair in order to make a great statement. Most people who wear scene hairstyles keep their hair long. They use various colored hair or add funky colorful bangs to complete their look.

Many men also have longer hair and add color highlights. The bangs are very important for any scene hairstyle because generally they are long and colorful. Some people like them to hang in their eyes and other people prefer a razor cut. The hair may be spiked but that is not always the case. One of the most important aspect as stated before is the bangs. They generally stand out and for some individuals may be the most dramatic part of the hairstyle. Experimenting with different cuts and ways to sweep the bangs can get very imaginative.

Most people who wear scene hairstyles believe in lots of colors. Nothing is off limits. People generally like to make bold statements with their clothes also. Both men and women may wear colorful t shirts and jeans to match.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Halle Berry Hairstyles

Not only is Halle Berry is a talented and beautiful actress, she can wear any type of hairstyle. She has gained national attention for her beauty and impeccable fashion sense but her hairstyles are just as show stopping.

Halle Berry jumped on the scene with a short haircut but she has since expanded and has worn a variety of haircuts since then. Her hair is beautiful when she wears it long. She has won it layered around her face to showcase her beautiful facial features. She has worn it long with bangs to frame her face. These are both very popular and easy styles to wear. The hair can be pulled back to create a more elegant updo that brings more attention to the face.

Halle Berry later showcased a type of bob haircut that was cut to about her chin. She generally wore it in beautiful tousled curls that can be maintained with a curling iron or by rolling the hair with medium to large rollers while it is wet. The hair was short but she still had enough to tuck behind the ear which created an even more dramatic effect. Bobs frame the face and are very flattering and Halle Berry looked great.

Halle Berry showcased the short hair with little curls and the great thing about the style is that she wore it wild and tousled and it looked great. Not too many people can pull off a style like that without looking disheveled. Her latest look has taken her back to the super short do that is very short, shaved at the back and longer on top. Halle Berry once again looks great with this hairstyle. What is your favorite Halle Berry hairstyle?

Sexy Short Hair

Short hairstyles are a very popular fashion trend. There are so many things that people can do with them that they have become a favorite of men and women. Some men wear long bangs in the front and then cut it short on the sides and back. This is a popular style and it popular even among celebrities. Hair in the eyes used to be just for women but men have joined in with the trend. Hair in the eyes or side swept bangs creates a dramatic look and draws people�s attention to the eyes.

Women also wear their hair long in the front and tapered or even shaved in the back. They have fun working with the bangs and some even experiment with different colors. Hair color is easily seen with the hair is short so people are able to use dramatic colors and really bring attention to their fashion. Natural hairstyles are also popular. Some women are opting to wear their hair cut very low. This cut has traditionally been connected to men but many women are wearing the cut and looking good. Even some models are sporting the low buzz cut on the runway. It has definitely become popular.

Many people also shave the back of their head and wear it really short on the top. Women can do an endless number of things with the hair on top. Some people put little curls in it and create a layered look. Some people use sculpting gel and spike up the hair on top for a unique look. Short hairstyles have evolved and nothing is off limits for both men and women.

Updo Hairstyles: Sassy, Sexy and Easy!

For some women who need a great look for a special event an updo is a great alternative. Over the years updo hairstyles have changed but they remain one of the versatile styles. Ladies who throw on jeans or who desire a new look for a blind date can count on the updo to help them look amazing.

The great thing about the updo is that it is low maintenance. It is so popular because ladies can achieve the look quickly and without a lot of fuss. Updo hairstyles bring elegance to any occasion. Another great thing about this hairstyle is that is showcases the face. Anytime the hair is swept away from the face it allows ladies to show off their most beautiful features. Cheek and neck structure are also on display. Many women also like the style because this hairstyle adds to the height of ladies and can make some ladies appear taller. For those ladies that are looking to add a little height to their frame this is a great hairstyle.

Coming up with an updo is simple. After washing and drying the hair ladies can brush the hair to the top of their head. Some ladies may opt to use promenade or another substance to help the hair stay up and give it some shine. After the hair has been gathered ladies can then pin it in place until they are happy with the look. The great thing about an updo is almost anything goes. Side swept bangs can be added and loose pieces of hair add to the unique style.


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